Hello friend!

Welcome to my site, the place where you could find out everything about me and my professional career. 👋

I am a web engineer who has been working with web technologies since 2012. 👨‍💼

I feel the most comfortable when working with HTML, CSS and JavaScript. 💻

My location is Osijek, Croatia, and I am working remotely from my office. 🇭🇷

When I am not coding, I like to write about what I do. ✍️

Headshot of myself, Silvestar Bistrović.Avatar of myself, Silvestar Bistrović.

Silvestar Bistrović

Web developer since 2012

  • Frontend
  • User Interface
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • JavaScript
  • JAMstack
  • WordPress
  • Fearless web engineer

  • CSS developer

  • JAMstack enthusiast

  • WordPress theme developer


I have started blogging in 2016 while I was working in a local startup.

Since then, I wrote more than 50 articles.

I usually write about my findings in my everyday work.

Some of my favourite topics are frontend, JAMstack, and freelance.

Here are the selected articles, but feel free to explore the blog ⇢.

Got questions? Or projects? I would like to learn more. Contact me today!

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I had the opportunity to feature my articles on some well-known publications, like CSS-Tricks, Toptal and LogRocket.

Here are the selected publication articles, but feel free to explore the blog ⇢ for more content.


I had the luck to be able to prove my worth on many challenging projects.

I worked with many exceptional clients from all over the world: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Denmark, Saudi Arabia.

Here are the selected works, but feel free to explore the full portfolio ⇢.

Screenshot of Credit Card Insider website.

Credit Card Insider

  • wordpress
  • styleguide
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • pagespeed optimization
Screenshot of Domino Data Lab website.

Domino Data Lab

  • spg
  • ssg
  • jekyll
  • styleguide
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
Screenshot of Bozzuto website.


  • styleguide
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
Screenshot of Irina & Matej website.

Irina & Matej

  • wordpress
  • html
  • css
  • javascript
  • pagespeed optimization
Screenshot of Westwing website.


  • spg
  • ssg
  • html
  • css
  • javascript


There is nothing more important to me than a happy and satisfied client.

These clients said some kind words about my work.

To see more projects, feel free to explore my portfolio ⇢.

If you think we would be a good match, feel free to contact me. I am always open to new collaborations.

John Ganotis, Entrepreneur @ Credit Card Insider said:

Silvestar is amazing. He is fast, and the work he produces is among the highest quality work I've seen from front-end engineers.

In our time working together he's been extremely reliable, with quick daily calls to give progress updates, but also having flexibility to work independently and provide updates on his progress on days when we skip those calls.

When working with Silvestar, I know that the work will be done quickly and correctly, but that he'll also point out any areas where he thinks we can improve. He's always looking out for opportunities to improve performance, maintainability, and accessibility. I get the impression that he's constantly learning and reflecting on his work, always looking for ways that he can build his skillset even more and produce even higher quality work (if that's possible!).

Adam Maschek, CTO at Westwing Home & Living @ Westwing said:

It was a pleasure to work with Silvestar. He was available on a short notice, he closely collaborated with the PM on the project and delivered it on time with good quality. I would work with him again, and actually we are considering to kick off our next project with him.

Karim Mansi, eCommerce Product Manager at Westwing Home & Living @ Westwing said:

While working a senior Product Manager at Westwing Home & Living, I had the pleasure to hire Silvestar to build our static corporate website. The project went very smoothly and was delivered on time. Communication with Silvestar was straightforward, clear and reliable. He was also very resourceful and what he didn't know he figured out on his own. I would definitely recommend him for static web solutions and other web front-end projects.

Evan Lavidor, Partner & Executive Director @ BEAM Interactive said:

We've worked with Silvestar on several projects, and he's been a pleasure to work with on all of them. Recently, he handled primary front end development for two large web sites that were launched on Adobe Experience Manager. He's also worked on the front end development of a large WordPress project as well as some smaller campaign landing page and microsite work.

In all cases, Silvestar's been a breeze to work with. Communication is easy, and he's happy to be part of a larger team, attend regular standups, stay in close communication electronically, etc. (a key factor when working across countries/time zones).

His approach to front end development is modern, but he still knows how to debug for Internet Explorer and handle browser-specific issues. He's a thorough tester and has a great eye for detail.

Additionally, he's very fast. We were always impressed with the speed at which he could put things together at a very high level of quality.

I'd happily work with Silvestar again, and we'll definitely reach out to him in the future when we need help with additional projects.

Han Han Xue, Product Designer @ Lyft said:

I collaborated closely with Silvestar on a project.

Throughout the span of the project, Silvestar was able to consistently meet if not exceed expectations. He has the impressive ability to not only readily undertake direct requests, but also intuitively distill ambiguous asks in order to execute solves in a self-sufficient manner.

Silvestar’s can-do attitude and palpable passion for the work combined with his extended knowledge makes for a highly effective problem solver who always strives to provide the best solutions.

If you aim for not only high standard in the result but also elegance in the process, then I would highly recommend considering Silvestar for your project."

Got questions? Or projects? I would like to learn more. Contact me today!

Get in touch ⇢Open 2020 Q3-Q4

Side Projects

In my spare time, I develop and maintain my side projects.

It is the opportunity to try things out and to experiment with new technologies.

Here are the selected works, but feel free to explore all side projects ⇢.

Screenshot of Code Line Daily website.

Code Line Daily

Code Line Daily is dedicated to highlighting awesome code single-liners.

Screenshot of Making a website with Hugo website.

Making a website with Hugo

Making a website with Hugo is a course for learning how to use Hugo.

Screenshot of Starter Project website.

Starter Project

Starter Project is a Gulp-based boilterplate of the latest best practices for frontend development.

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