How I built this website

This website is built using Hexo static page generator and hosted on Netlify. Cloudflare is used to speed up and protect this website. It’s featured on JAMStack as an example. I’ve set up project architecture and implemented coding standards. The layout is built using CSS Grid and Flexbox. BEM is used as a naming convention. CSS Animations are used to animate cta. Modular scale and fluid typography are implemented for a more slicker reading experience.

The development workflow is completely automated using Gulp and Yarn. The website looks good on every modern browser, both desktop, and mobile. If you find a bug, please report an issue on GitHub. And yes, this website is available publicly but please be kind of intellectual ownership. The branching model is inherited from git-flow and semantic versioning is used as documentation method.

I’ve built logo using SVG to add the more crisp look to the site. Template engine ejs is used to built HTML files. Cloudinary is used to host images and srcset is used to add responsive images.

The website is super fast. Check the scores on PageSpeed Insights and Perfect! This is achieved by optimizing every asset. The most crucial optimization is Critical CSS implemented here as well.

Articles about CSS tabs, CSS sidebar toggle, Using CSS Grid where appropriate, writing styleguides and making CSS ribbons are featured in CSS Weekly newsletter curated by Zoran Jambor.

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