Han Han Xue

Han Han Xue

Han Han Xue is a Designer and FX Technical Director from Montreal, Canada. The website runs on Middleman, Netlify, and BitBucket.

Link: hanhanxue.com


  • Installed a new Middleman instance.
  • Set up project architecture.
  • Created all pages from designs.
  • Used Cloudinary for delivering images.
  • Optimized assets delivery.
  • Used the latest best practices for boosting the site speed.
  • Hosted the website on Netlify.

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Han Han Xue, Product Designer @ Lyft said:

I collaborated closely with Silvestar on a project.

Throughout the span of the project, Silvestar was able to consistently meet if not exceed expectations. He has the impressive ability to not only readily undertake direct requests, but also intuitively distill ambiguous asks in order to execute solves in a self-sufficient manner.

Silvestar’s can-do attitude and palpable passion for the work combined with his extended knowledge makes for a highly effective problem solver who always strives to provide the best solutions.

If you aim for not only high standard in the result but also elegance in the process, then I would highly recommend considering Silvestar for your project."

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